Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beginning Anew with a Fluffy New Blog

My mother has asked me a few times, "Why don't you blog about the cats?"
Three reasons. I) I tried once, but I didn't keep it to a specific story or cat, it wandered, and I deleted it. II) I simply hadn't gotten around to trying it again. III) I was trying to decide how exactly to go about it. Do I just randomly blog about cats when all other subjects abandon me? Should I start a kitty series? What do I doooooo?

I settled on just starting them their very own blog. It'll take forever just to tell the story of each one. And then there are many many hilarious cat stories to tell after that, which I doubt I will ever run out of.

During my lifetime, my family has owned 12 cats. Thomas, Mandy, Penny, Socks, Linus, Bambi, Thumper, Bambi Sue, Sabrina, Lucy, Bunny, and Blitzen. 13 cats if you count Bambi Sue's imaginary friend, whom we christened Leon.
For the first 12 posts, I'll introduce each cat, how they came to be here, their little personalities and such. After that...we'll see where it goes. Amusing anecdotes, and stories of other people's cats most likely.
Since I'm currently all eager and excited and marveling at the shiny newness of this blog, I will probably post again right away. GOODY GOODY!

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